My name is Elias Watson. I was born in Venezuela and was adopted by my American father. We are a family of ten and I was the only one who lacked citizenship. My father didn’t process the right paperwork. As a result, I was deported back to Venezuela. I feel lost. I cannot see my family – I’ve been torn apart from the only people who I’ve known all of my life. I miss them. I really hope this law changes soon because my life without my family has been a nightmare. It is dangerous to even walk the streets in this country. I’ve already been robbed at gunpoint. I cannot see my mother, brothers and sisters, it is the most horrible thing I’ve ever experienced. I feel like I don’t have a family anymore. Sometimes I wish I never met them so it wouldn’t hurt so bad. Why did my father adopt me if I was going to be dumped in a country with no family?