• Matthew Ullom

    I had never at any point had anyone question my citizenship until I applied for my passport for a family vacation. Read More
  • Elias Watson

    I really hope this law changes soon because my life without my family has been a nightmare. Read More
  • Judy CV

    Although I have a Bachelor degree in nursing, without citizenship and the proper documents to legally work has been a living hell. Read More
  • Mauricio Cappelli

    I was left in the airport with nothing, but a clear garbage bag of jail things in a country I have never lived in. Read More
  • Monte Haines

    I would love to go back and go in front of Congress and explain about what needs to be changed. Read More
  • Frederick John Buhler

    I want more than ever to enroll in college and better my life, for me first and foremost, but also for my kids’ sake. Read More
  • Adam Crapser

    I’m determined to ensure that my wife and children are provided with a life of love and happiness. Read More